our craftmanship

We believe that Home is a sanctuary where we can shut out the world to connect with ourselves, and the choices we make to decorate should be reflections of the journeys we take, who we are, and what we enjoy. That’s why we create home interior pieces that connect to nature and bring joy and identity to our clients. Pieces that brighten the space and warmth the homes of those who seek to live a more sustainable life. 


We are a slow made brand and we want to create this way because it’s an opportunity to shape the future. Our Slow Made culture gives us the opportunity to make beautiful pieces that promotes quality over quantity and keeps us in better use of our resources.

one of a kind pieces

All our pieces are made by one pair of hands. The inspiration Lilliam has to turn an idea into reality makes Tropico Studio pieces unique. We are proud to say all of our designs are original and very often starts with the idea turned into a sketch which follows with the creation of molds and prototypes that ends with the final piece you are able to see in our catalog.

There is no way to exactly replicate one piece since all the process is hand made, colors are measured by eye or mixed by the formula Lilliam created. Later, is hand poured, polished and sealed. All the process is very organic and that is where the magic our our pieces lies and our uniqueness florish.