how we started

The story starts with the founder, Lilliam. She is a California based designer of artisanal objects for interiors. She believes that making pieces with her hands is a fulfilling experience that completes its purpose when it brings joy to someone and add character to a home.

“When I started Tropico Studio, I always wanted to create a piece that would have value and hold a great story. Handmade plays an important part in that process because it allows me to combine my love for making with my passion for nature. By handcrafting each item, I'm able to bring you the most beautiful pieces that are meant to be functional as well as visually stunning.”

Working with a variety of materials, Lilliam strives to create products of the highest quality that are equally beautiful and functional.

I love every part of the creation process. From having an idea and trying it out, to creating prototypes and ending up with an artisanal piece that has been thought through in every detail; I feel like each piece has its own DNA, and I'm just the person that helps it see the light. It's special to see the entire process come together, but most of all to see someone else enjoy it.

Let’s get More Personal

Lilliam, born and raised in Dominican Republic and moved to California to be with John, who today is her husband and Co-owner of Tropico. She learned through her life to follow her instinct and curiosity and she think is the reason why she got to learn and experience many forms of art. As an architect, she worked for several years as a project designer for tourist developments, which later transitioned into interior design, designing modern wooden furniture for residential projects. In addition to this, she worked in the makeup industry, where she specialized in special effects and body painting.

Today she sees how these three fronts gave her a good base to start what is now Tropico Studio. Her architectural design gave her a good understanding of composition, shapes, and scale management; Furniture design helped her to manage objects and turn an idea into a physical product; And special effects makeup gave her the knowledge to sculpt, create molds, and move from a designing software to a workshop where she starts to make things with her hands.