our commitment

Everything we make has a cost to the planet. That’s why we must pursue the smallest impact while working to rebuild and give
back. That is why as we create, we are continually re-evaluating our goals, keep improving our ideas and find better ways to work in harmony with nature. 

giving back

We are committed to make a difference with each piece we design and to support organizations that work towards defending our planet. At this moment we are making individual donations to Trees for the Future and we look forward to be able to get more involved. This organization works toward ending hunger and poverty by training farmers to regenerate their land, and they do that by planting the trees. Trees that are donated by businesses and individuals around the world. To learn more or be part of the movement go to Trees for the Future. They have different ways to get involved so you don’t have to be a business to be able to help. But If you are a small business and you are interested in getting involved, you can donate like we do here.

Another cause that is close to our hearts is the wellfare of animals. That is why we make donations to different organizations like Pethome an animal rescue from Dominican Republic, Lilliam's home country. This shelter rescues street dogs and cats and find them a forever home.


We are constantly learning and researching about materials that are good for the planet and sustainable. Currently we are working with Jesmonite which is a natural stone powder mixed with a water based, non toxic, no VOC's resin.

We love using waste materials and transforming then into precious useful art.

We still have a long way to go. If you think you can help us in any way becoming more sustainable, please reach out!

our suppliers

We carefully choose our suppliers with the same
believes and values as ours. Sustainability and Cruelty Free is top priority.

carbon neutral shipping

We are also offering carbon neutral shipping when you make your pauments through ShopPay. Which means we offset our emissions through forests protection projects.


We enjoy our process of packaging, ensuring
sustainable materials on evry package that comes out of our studio. We are currently using Eco-enclose packaging which fill all of our supplier standards. You can visit them here.