All products containing Jesmonite are handmade mixed. Some containing natural materials and also color pigments which are also hand mixed and as such no two pieces will be the same.

Some possible variations are detailed below. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Surface (all Jesmonite products)

- Slight Variation in Color
- Inclusion of small pores or indentations.
- Variation in sheen.
- Variation in flatness.
- Areas with lesser, or greater.

Terrazzo Chips (terrazzo products)

- Slight Variation in Color
- Variation grain pattern
- Variation chips density

Wood Chips (wood terrazzo products)

- Slight Variation in Color
- Grain pattern
- Knots, and other character.


Everything we make has a cost to the planet. That’s why we must pursue
the smallest impact while working to rebuild and give back.


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